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Picture of Kay Siu with a prototype Bronze Diver by Harry Tan

Our first brand ambassador needs no introduction. Appearing in numerous movies, tv shows and plays, Mr. Lim Kay Siu is not only a household name but also well known internationally.

I have a personal as well as professional relationship with Kay Siu. Aside from being related, I also designed his house when I was working as an architect. My admiration for his work goes beyond the acting that I have seen him in. It also  stems from our brief and fleeting conversations about his views on art, music, politics and life in general.

Image of Kay Siu in a play- from

Having acted as predominantly villains, and varied character roles, the man himself is anything but evil. He understands fully the struggle that we face in designing a watch from scratch, getting it produced and eventually selling the idea to the audience as there are parallels with the acting that he does.

Kay Siu in a movie- from

Due to the shared passion and understanding for the creative process, we are now working on a new watch model collaboration based on our Mecha 01 range.

It is the shared passion for pursuing the impossible, to not take negativity as a road block and to do the things most others wouldn’t that is the reason Kay Siu is a moVas friend.