moVas Oceaner 1- The Suicide Diaries

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There have been a wave of reviews, pictures, IGs, FBs, TWs and sightings of moVas watches recently. The brand presence is growing and in the right direction towards collectors and watch aficionados. One such person is Mr.  Anthony Coundouris who runs his own blog here. Part of being interested in pop culture designs, are his keen interest in watch designs and manufacture.

Anthony took some time out recently to shoot a video and interview about us here. It highlights some of the inspirations we had for our designs and a short history about the brand in case you didn’t want to read the long story from our ABOUT link above.

He also managed to do a review of his own moVas Oceaner 1 and a 5 part video about it. We know that part of buying directly from an internet company may be an issue with some especially due to the cost of watches and the distance from the seller, so we hope these videos will be helpful to the buyer in helping visualize the watch better.

Below are the videos of his review which also show how the moVas Oceaner actually works including operation of the day/ date module, strap/ bracelet changing and buckle adjustment instructions. A big thank you to Anthony for posting these up and I am sure they will be useful to our future customers.